step one. Mija / Mijita – Girl / My personal daughter

step one. Mija / Mijita – Girl / My personal daughter

step one. Mija / Mijita – Girl / My personal daughter

If you are learning Spanish, it is possible to see some new and you may lovable terms and conditions one you should use to name your girl. Due to this, we have compiled 11 preferred Language nicknames which you can use in order to title or call your girl by the.

The text about this checklist are well-known when you look at the Language (We me personally are called with many of these nicknames before ;)). You can easily note that any of these nicknames are only well-known inside a number of Spanish-speaking countries while others are thought usual in every places. Browse the definitions carefully to pick the best nickname for the daughter.

For the Latin american nations, mija was a very popular word one to moms and dads used to phone call their daughters. ‘Mija’ is the shortened types of mi hija (‘my daughter’), this means that, it could be interpreted possibly due to the fact my child or simply child.

Whether or not contacting your girlfriend ‘my daughter’ could sound as well outdated into the English, ‘mija’ was a highly affectionate and you may lovable phrase within the Foreign-language. Unlike other nicknames, ‘mija’ enforce to help you daughters of all ages.

Mijita is the diminutive form of ‘mija’, thus, it can be thought a little a great deal more affectionate than just ‘mija’. ‘Mijita’ literally means ‘my personal little daughter’, but it might possibly be translated particularly ‘daughter’ otherwise ‘baby’.

Observe: ‘Mija’ is really a famous phrase when you look at the Latin american places one grown-up individuals make use of it to speak with a more youthful lady. Within Tinder vs Tinder Plus this perspective, ‘mija’ is not fundamentally implying a household bond, but instead whenever there’s a critical years pit.

2.Nena – Baby / Infant Woman

Nena try a greatest and cutesy Foreign-language word that people use possibly to mention otherwise consider the daughters. This term is normally utilized in the Spanish-speaking regions and you can it’s the lead interpretation from ‘baby’ otherwise ‘kid girl’. If you’d like to end up being significantly more affectionate, you could utilize its diminutive means ‘nenita’.

Take note: Overall, ‘nena’ is far more widely used for younger girl. However, there are mothers which do not notice using this phrase that have the xxx-upwards females. While doing so, ‘nena’ ‘s the lead interpretation out-of ‘baby’, because of this, it’s also utilized since a pet label for a great partner.

step 3. Mami / Mamacita – Kid Lady / Honey

When using mami since the a moniker to suit your daughter you desire to keep in mind that word is far more commonly used that have females one to have not attained adolescence.

‘Mami’ was a keyword that one another dads and you will mom may use whenever getting in touch with its derican sound system also can utilize the adaptation ‘mamacita’ with the exact same goal. These conditions is better during the definition to ‘baby girl’ otherwise ‘honey’.

Bear in mind: Inside everyday Foreign language, ‘mami’ and you may ‘mamacita’ may be used during the a totally different context as an excellent answer to telephone call a young woman ‘hot’. In addition, this type of terminology can also be used because nicknames having mom.

4. Gorda – Fatty / Chubby

Even in the event in other dialects may sound mocking or even a little portion insulting, inside Foreign language, ‘gorda’ try a very popular moniker to possess a daughter. To own Foreign language sound system, contacting a girl ‘gorda’ doesn’t necessarily mean that you are outlining the woman looks, it’s rather a lovely and you can lovable pet label (unbelievable, however, correct).

?Despierta, gordita! Se te virtual assistant a llevar a cabo tarde para poder la escuelaWake right up, chubby! You will be later having college or university

Observe: ‘Gorda’ and ‘gordita’ is prominent nicknames for girls and girl in Spanish and you may they will not suggest to-be rude after all. Actually, my personal grand-parents features entitled my personal brother ‘gorda’ the woman whole life because the a nickname and you will this woman is besides match also loves the girl the animal term ;).

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